Delivery and Pick up

D & D's friendly and professional staff can deliver and pick up your party tent rentals anywhere in Toronto and GTA, and save you the hassle of fighting traffic and carrying everything from the car to the house and back.  Our standard delivery service within the Greater Toronto Area includes delivery the day before your event between 9AM and 6PM and pick up the day after your event between 9AM and 6PM.  Of course, we can arrange to meet your specific needs for delivery as required.  Our trucks are ready to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week as needed.  We often find ourselves at venues at 2AM, after the party is over, clearing out or delivering our equipment so that the room can be ready for the next day.


Events can take place in a variety of spaces such as basements, roofs, patios, backyards, upper floors of a building and even on islands.  Handling covers the time needed to overcome anything out of the ordinary to get the equipment to your site.  It includes such things as stairs, elevators, long distances from the parking area to the site, steep hills to a backyard or park, taking a ferry to an island and also the waiting time for somebody to open a venue.  It is always best to work out the fine details prior to delivery to avoid additional charges at the time of delivery.

Set up & Strike

If you require assistance to set up before an event and strike (or take down) a party tent and other equipment after an event, we can certainly look after this task for you. You will need to arrange this service in advance so we can allocate the time for our crews to get the job done right.  We will also require a plan as to where the equipment needs to go in order to avoid delays.  While certain equipment includes set up and strike, such as tents, portable bars and umbrella tables, there are certain items we will not set up and strike such as linens, dishes and glasses.  You can arrange to have our crew set up hardware like tables and chairs as required but it is preferred that you look after sanitized and clean equipment so it can be setup as close to the event as possible and handled with clean and delicate hands.

Site Checks

It is easy to calculate the correct size of a tent for a certain number of people but it is not so easy to fit a 20x20 tent in an area that is 19x19 with a swing set, three different levels of patio and with an overhanging tree that is 200 feet from where the delivery truck can park.  Our tent rentals technician can visit your site anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (and even in Niagara Falls and Collingwood), and note anything out of the ordinary that might affect the set up and/or cost of the tent. There is nothing quite like seeing things first hand and planned ahead in order to avoid any added stress hours before your event! 

CAD Event Layout

Sometimes it is hard to visualize what you are able to do with the space you have. We can create a CAD drawing of your tented event to help make the best use of your space. These layouts are yours to keep for future events and make things very simple for those setting up before your event.  Just one more way D&D helps to minimize your stress levels before the big event.

Event Planning

Our professional and experienced staff are not only experts when it comes to rentals, but they are also well connected within the industry to help you arrange all the services and products you need to make your event a success!  If there is something you need that you don't see on our site, we will do our best to help you find it.