We want to make sure each customer gets the best value from their rental experience not just the best price.  That means we need to know more about your event, things like when your event is taking place, where its being held, how long is the event and more.  The more details we have, we can make sure to recommend the best products and services for your event at the best rates possible. You might even qualify for one of our many discount programs so contact us today.

Simply click on "REQUEST A QUOTE" on any product page or a quick call into our office at 416-665-9570 and we can will send a quote to your inbox with all the details.  We pride ourselves in offering competitive rates but the market is constantly changing so if you notice one of our prices is out of line, let us know and we will do our best to make it right. 

We are always looking for hard working, friendly people to join our team.   Some positions involve weekend, evening and overnight work, others may be part time, seasonal. Please send in your resume to tdamato@ddpartyrental.com or fax it in to 416-665-6911 and indicate which position you are applying for.   

Positions include:

Inside sales/Customer Service

Outside Sales

Tent Installer

Delivery Driver

Delivery Assistant 









Yes, you will be charged for rental items that have not been used.  Rental charges are for time out, even if you do not use everything.  Those items have been reserved and prepared for you specifically and were not available for others to rent during that time.  Most items will still need to be cleaned after every use, even if they were not used.  

A canopy is generally a smaller, light duty product that is perfect for shade and offers minimal protection from the rain.  It can be tied down for stabilization but will not withstand high winds or stormy weather.  Canopies need to be removed in the event of bad weather to avoid damage to nearby people, property or the canopy itself.  Customers can easily set up and strike a canopy in less than 5 minutes.

Pole tent rentals are great for large backyards or park areas in Toronto and the GTA. A pole tent offers greater protection from harsh weather and is anchored down to the ground.  Depending on the size of the pole tent, there will be one or more centre poles that support the tent top as well as perimeter poles.  D&D offers 20x40 and smaller pole tents that customers can set up and strike themselves.  Pole tents require additional space to be installed, for example a 20x20 pole tent requires almost 30x30 feet of open space.  Pole tents can easily be installed on grass but can also be used on other surfaces as well.

A frame tent is a heavy duty product that is professionally installed.  It offers very good protection from harsh weather and gets anchored to the ground using stakes, weights or water barrels. The tent top is supported by frame work which does not require center poles, only perimeter poles allowing for a more wide-open look and feel under the tent.  Frame tent rentals are perfect for urban Toronto spaces, since frame tents can be used in tighter spaces, a variety of surfaces and uneven ground.  These versatile tents must be installed by our professional tent crews.

Party rental charges typically cover the cost of purchasing, cleaning, storing and maintaining rental inventory, among other things.  They do not cover the cost associated with delivery.  These costs include, but are not limited to fuel, insurance, truck purchases or rentals, truck maintenance, and labour costs. When you consider that furniture stores charge $75+ for delivery, per item, our delivery fee is quite reasonable.  Not to mention, we do it all over again when we pick up the items.  If you still feel that the delivery fees are too high, you are welcome to pick up your rentals and return them to us to save on the charges.

The short answer: 

Peace of mind 

The long answer 

Damage waiver will cover you from accidental damage or breakage to rental items.  If something breaks accidentally during your rental, simply inform us as soon as possible, return the damaged or broken pieces and you will avoid replacement or repair charges being added to your invoice.  

The legal answer:

Damage waiver is not insurance. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the Rented Items and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. If You accept the Damage Waiver, however, We agree to waive Our right to recover from You the amount of loss or damage to the Rented Items. You agree to immediately notify Us of any accident and promptly submit any applicable police reports. If You have insurance, the Damage Waiver becomes secondary, and You agree to exercise all rights available to You under Your insurance coverage and assign all claims and proceeds from Your insurance coverage to Us. Notwithstanding the forgoing, Your liability for loss of or damage to the Rented Items will not be waived in the following circumstances: (a)  Loss of accessory Equipment, such as electrical cords. (b)  Damage due to Your neglect or misuse. (c)  Loss by willful neglect or abuse, theft, mysterious or unexplained disappearance, or shortages disclosed on inventory. (d)  Loss of flatware, china, linens and glassware or damage thereto, unless You establish proof of the damaged Items (or pieces thereof) and such other evidence as We may reasonably require. (e)  Linens bagged with food or moisture that causes stains or mildew, or linens with wax stains caused by candle wax. (f)  For any loss or damage whatsoever to the Items, You agree to provide Us, upon request, with a police report on all losses to which this Damage Waiver modification applies. 

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